The inlingua Method

The only method whose method focuses on speaking.

Method is always a guarentee for success. At inlingua this means:

  • The inlingua Method
  • The inlingua Learning Materials
  • Our Trainers

Among other things, it means you learn by speaking the new language – the „target language“.

New words and terminology are taught using visuals aids or can be understood through the context of a situation.

As the meaning becomes clear through context there is no need for translations.

Our trainers teach grammar without needing to provide explanations. By repeatedly practicing the language you figure out the rules for yourself and get confirmation through the inlingua materials.

The trainer encourages you to speak

  • you answer questions
  • you ask other learners questions
  • you are involved in correction
  • you repeat and practice new words and structures until you are confident   using them.

The trainer speaks as little as possible to allow you more speaking time. The trainer introduces new words and structures and shows you how to use them correctly.

The trainer can answer any questions you have in the traget language.

After reaching a certain language level you can practice speaking fluently with the other learners:


  • you decide what you want to say and ask
  • you learn to speak fluently without having to wait for ques from the trainer

The book remains closed during speaking activities. The book can be used for other practice activities and homework where necessary.

You can learn more efficiently when you repeat and review the material in the books outside of the lessons. This can involve doing the practice exercises or rereading the material.

All the words and structures you learn can be found in the inlingua books. Any writing tasks can be done at home.