Learn Spanish with

Employment Agency Funded Courses

at inlingua Dresden

Funded Spanish Courses

Special language courses in numerous different languages, including Spanish, take place at inlingua Dresden with employment agency funding.

For these specific courses a special program is created to prepare you for the next step in your career. These programs include everything from courses for medical professionals to carers as well as technical and scientific professions. The content is matched to the European Framework of Reference meaning you can take a telc exam and recieve a language certificate as proof of your skills. 


  • You must currently be unemployed or looking for a new job.
  • You are currenlty in an apprenticeship or taking part in a training program from the employment agency.
  • You require a language certificate in oder to carry out your profession in Germany.



Customized content specific to your profession and your current language skills, for example; technology, medical profession, retail, care work or science.  The content is suited to your needs. 


The course consists of 160 training hours.

Training times:

Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm.


European Language Certificate up to level C1.